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Activated Carbon


Activated carbon is utilized by a number of industries for its purification properties. 

Water Treatment: The biggest application of activated carbon is in the purification of water and potable water treatment. It is used in a variety of water treatment industries, from municipal water supply treatment, wastewater treatment, swimming pools, aquariums and even home filtration systems. 

Air Purification: Activated carbon is used to control potentially harmful, environmentally damaging or unpleasant odors in a number of environments, including homes, manufacturing facilities and in operating rooms. 

Food & Beverage: The Food & Beverage industry uses activation as part of various processes, such as the decolorization of sugar, purify organic compounds, chlorine removal, decaffeination and many other practices. 

Industrial: Activated carbon is used as a catalyst for many industrial applications, gas processing, gas storage and delivery, gold recovery, pharmaceutical purification and many other practices. 

Medical: Activated carbon can be found in almost every hospital, clinic or doctor’s office in the world. It is used to as a poison treatment, odor control, filtration, respiration masks and wound dressing just to name a few applications.