Carbonyl Iron Powder

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Carbonyl iron powder is an exceptionally fine and pure iron powder with unique morphological properties and a whole spectrum of different applications. 

In electronics, carbonyl iron is used to manufacture magnetic cores for high-frequency coils, and in production of some ferrites. The spherical particles manufactured of carbonyl iron are used as a component of the radar absorbing materials used in military, in stealth vehicles for example. Other uses are in powder metallurgy, metal injection molded parts, and in various specialty products.

Powdered cores made of carbonyl iron have high stability of parameters across a wide range of temperatures and magnetic flux levels, with excellent Q factors between 50 kHz and 200 MHz. A popular application is in broadband inductors, especially in high-power applications.

In pharmaceutics, carbonyl iron powder is used to treat iron deficiency and as an iron dietary supplement.

Particles of carbonyl iron (20-40%) suspended in a carrier fluid (60-80%) are used as a magnetorheological fluid.

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