Cast Iron Powder


Cast Iron Powder can be manufactured in different particle size (mesh size) with different properties. Therefore Cast iron Powder is suitable for diverse application in areas like Chemical, Metallurgical, and Pharmaceutical Industries. 

Chemical Industry:

‚ÄčIron Powder is used in chemical plants and dyes manufacturing industries for carrying out reduction of aromatic nitro compounds to aromatic amines.It is also used to manufacture Ferrous Sulphate, which in turn is used as reducing agent in the treatment of hazardous wastes and as coagulant in treatment of sewage waste, drinking water, industrial effluents etc.

Metallurgical Industry:
Cast Iron powder is used for manufacturing for welding electrodes and also in field of thermal spray coating.

Pharmaceutical Industry:
Iron Powder finds wide application as reducing agent for manufacture of bulk drug intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's).


Cast iron powder is also used by many artists to give the rust effect/shade to their artwork.

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