Chemical Place

Copper Powder


Bearings - recommended for blending with tin for the production of bronze self-lubricating bearings. 

Structural Parts - admixed with iron powder (2-10%) to improve strength and mechanical properties. These powders are also used to produce bronze and other alloy structural components.

Injection Molding - specifically designed for parts produced using MIM.

Friction Components - used for aircraft and other braking systems. It is also used for automotive and industrial “friction” components and applications.Electrical Parts -CU185E is the industry standard for yielding high strength parts with excellent conductivity. Additionally CU635 offers high purity and is specifically designed for injection molded parts.

Carbon Brushes - is engineered for carbon brush tamping applications.

Abrasive Wheels - used as a matrix-bonding material for diamond and other abrasive wheels and cutting tools.

Chemical Formulations - widely used as catalysts in chemical formulations and for the production of copper compounds.

Thick/Thin Films - used for conductive coatings.