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Ferrous Sulfate (iron sulfate)


Reducing Agent
The number one use is as a reducing agent in many chemical processes, especially for the reduction of chromate in cement. It is also used as a precursor to different iron compounds.

Moss Killer
The second most popular use is as a moss preventer, moss killer and fertilizer for lawns. To kill moss, you mix the chemical with water to make a solution which you then spray onto the area of grass you wish to treat.

Dietary Supplement
Frequently used as a dietary supplement to treat iron deficiency in humans. Iron deficiency is known as ‘anaemia’ and occurs when a person has lower than normal levels of iron in their blood. People who take iron supplements often suffer from constipation as a result so stool softeners may be prescribed to combat this unpleasant side effect.

Food Fortification
Although ferrous sulfate is naturally present in many foods such as red meat, leafy green vegetables and eggs, the food industry fortifies some types of food to increase the levels of iron, for example fortified breakfast cereals and breads.

The chemical is used in water purification and treatment processes where it assists in treating sewage by causing impurities to ‘clump’ together in masses; this process is known as ‘flocculation’.

Ferrous Sulfate is used as a stain for concrete and limestone which it turns a rusty yellow color.

Paneling Preservative
It is used as a treatment and preservative for wood paneling in the construction industry, where it is either used on is own or as an ingredient in water-based paint.

Color Fixer
Ferrous sulfate is used in the manufacture of dyes in the textile industry where it helps to ‘fix’ a color to the cells of the fabric being treated.

Black Ink

Ferrous Sulfate is used in the manufacture of black inks.

Wood Treatment
Cabinet makers, woodworkers and joiners use ferrous sulfate for furniture making and natural wood flooring. When maple wood is treated with this chemical it turns an attractive silvery shade.