Polyvinyl Alcohol


Also known as Elvanol, the product has many different grades and therefore the applications will vary depending on it but below are some general applications. 

Polyvinyl alcohol is used as a lubricant for the relief of symptoms of dry eye and for artificial eyes.

It is a type of artificial tears.

It is used as a substitute for tears in people that do not produce enough of their own and as a lubricant for artificial eyes.

​A lack of tears will cause the eyes to become dry, red and painful.

​In general this drug is used to lubricate the eye to relieve dryness and irritation in people who do not produce enough tears (dry eye conditions). It is also used as a lubricant for artificial eyes.

Used as a component in makeup/creams.

​It has additional applications in remoisturizing adhesives, temporary binder for ceramics, water-soluble film; paper adhesives, coldwater soluble film, photosensitive coatings, binder for joint compounds and texture coatings and as a soil anti-redeposition agent.

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